FLAWLESS SHAVE - All Natural AND Neutral Shaving Cream!

  • $13.95

Flat n’ Flawless now presents Flawless Shaving Cream. This all-natural blend of organic ingredients is designed to moisturize your skin while leaving a neutral all-natural smell. We only use the best ingredients in order to ensure the best experience for our community. This cream is designed to be used on any part of your body. You may shave your legs, arms, face, butt, anything!


This shaving cream is great for people with sensitive skin. According to a survey we conducted, most individuals will be using this on their face (as well as other parts of their body). This is why we have added specific ingredients (such as Tea Tree Oil), which have been proven to be great for sensitive skin and even help clear redness and acne.


This is NOT an understatement! This shaving cream is extremely concentrated and you only need to use a nickel size and some water!