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The self-adhesive is not sticking to my skin very well.

  • Be sure that both the self-adhesive surface and your skin are dry and free of skin care products.
  • Be sure that you are not stretching the attachment tab when applying the prosthesis to your body.
  • Be sure that any hair is trimmed to a maximum length of ¼ inch. The less hair the better the adhesion will be.
  • Try positioning your prosthesis slightly higher or lower to see if there is a “sweet spot” that works best on your body.
  • (for penises only) You may find that the attachment area is too big and that you need to trim it down so that it is not being lifted by the movement of your legs or by your tummy.
  • Keep in mind that the best application for self-adhesive is packing with a supersoft in briefs or boxer briefs. Or supersquish breasts in a supportive bra. Semi hard and hard prostheses create leverage that can pull your prosthesis away from your body.  Positioning adjustments may help with this.

The self-adhesive sheet is not sticking to my prosthetic.

  • Adhesive Troubleshooting
  • Installation instructions for penises... Here's a video
  • The application of self-adhesive sheets requires a small amount of GenderMender two-part adhesive which we include in the kit. Be sure that you are using the adhesive according to the self-adhesive installation instructions.
  • If you applied the self-adhesive sheet and everything went well but some areas are pulling away from your prosthesis, it’s likely that there was some air left between the attachment area and the self-adhesive sheet during installation or the prosthetic did not make good contact with the sheet throughout the curing process. Be sure to use good lighting and pay attention to removing as much air as possible and press down firmly on the shaft area.  The goal is zero air bubbles 😊
  • If the two-part adhesive did not cure/dry, check to see if the two-part adhesive cured/dried in the bag you mixed it in. If it cured/dried in the bag but not on your prosthesis, then your prosthesis has been exposed to something that has caused cure inhibition which is irreversible.  GenderMender adhesives and self-adhesive sheets will no longer work with your prosthesis.  Please contact us at 
  • If the two-part adhesive did not cure/dry in the bag you mixed it in or on the prosthesis, then you may have an issue with the adhesive. Exposure to high heat when storing it can cause an issue.  Storing your adhesive in the refrigerator may extend the shelf life 😊

My prosthesis changed color while I was wearing it or while I was storing it.

  • Any new clothing that will come into contact with your prosthesis needs to be washed for colorfastness. Unwashed, new clothing can stain your prosthesis permanently.