About Us

Welcome to GenderCat.com, a 100% trans owned and operated, social justice focused company.

Since 2014 we have been dedicated to benefiting the trans community (and the world) by providing:

  • Warm Customer Service
  • High quality products
  • Over 100 skin tones
  • Living wage employment, and 
  • Earth friendly production and packaging.

When you purchase GenderMender products, you can be confident that you are getting the best.

GenderMender Prosthetic FTM Packers, FTM Nipples, Breast Forms, and Prosthetic Nipples are made with a great deal of care from 100% prosthetic grade silicone.  They come in over 100 skin tones. We offer skin tone samples free of charge with every order.

Ordering from GenderCat.com means you are ordering directly from the designer and manufacturer

Your order is customizable. Each item is made to match your skin tone and the color scheme that you want.  We ship most orders in 4-6 weeks.  As a manufacturer who is in direct contact with our customers, we are able to respond to your needs.  This ensures that our products keep improving based directly on your input!

Our goal is for you to have an awesome experience... Let's get started.

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