About Us

What is GenderCat?

We do business a little differently around here, with a focus on social justice :)

Our decisions are about the helpfulness of our products for gender expression, and the health of our community... ALL of our community. Cats come in many different colors and sizes and from many different places on the gender spectrum. Some of us are doing well financially while many of us struggle with finances.

 Our decisions are full of heart. We do our best to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, helpful, high quality products that are personally YOURS regardless of skin tone, financial status, transition status, housing status, or world location.  This is why we offer radical customer service, PAYMENT PLANS that are free for you to use and free skin tone samples as well as free custom skin tones. 

You set your own terms on payment plans and we send out payment plan orders on the same schedule as prepaid orders so you can enjoy your prosthetic before you're done paying for it.  Just click the "new payment plan" button in your cart :)

Ours is a vision of the WHOLE community, NOT just the most popular or the most profitable segments of our community.

This vision extends to our team members as well! Part of the vision in creating GenderCat was to be able to employ people in our community and create a positive workplace with meaningful pay.  

I'm happy to say, this is now a reality. As part of that we will be acquiring trans inclusive, truly complete health insurance for our team by the end of 2018.

 Our goal is for our community to have an awesome experience and provide products that are helpful. Thank you for being a part of that. :) We view our customers as part of the GenderCat team. We work together to create a welcoming and beneficial relationship.

Our products are shipped discreetly from “Better Products”. 

Our products are completely body safe and never painted.  Our colors are IN our products and will never wear off.

We offer custom skin tone matching and color scheme… for ALL skin tones.  And it’s completely free!

Our Self-Adhesive sheets provide a hypo-allergenic, body safe, convenient way to adhere your prosthetic without any sticky gooey mess. :)  washing between use will renew the self-adhesive properties.  You can also replace the self-adhesive sheets to extend the life of your prosthetic