GenderCat's Covid-19 Update

Welcome Cats.

Tune in here for updates regarding GenderCat and Covid-19



   Thanks for your support during these difficult times. :)  Our community has been amazing :)    All of our prostheses are made to order and we've been working on determining our production times since our 2 month shut down and our new production systems. :)  Before Covid, and being shut down for over 2 months our production times were 6-8 weeks.  We are finding that orders are currently shipping out around 20weeks from when they were first placed.  We will be reassessing this timeline as we move forward. :)  Please feel free to reach out for updates as we are able to be more precise as things move forward :)  


First,  I just want to say that I am so appreciative of the support, patience and understanding our community has extended to the GenderCat crew during this difficult time. :)  We realize what it means to have important products delayed.  We are currently working to create remote worksites so that we can move closer to our normal operations while we are continuing to adhere to government orders to reduce the spread of COVID 19.  This will allow us to utilize our entire crew to increase our pace of productivity.  Please feel free to reach out and check in.  We will give you as much information as possible regarding the status of your order.  Together, the GenderCat community (staff and customers), through a spirit of cooperation, will get through this pandemic and ensure that we can continue our relationship long into the future :)


The State of NY has required by law that we reduce our onsite staff by 100% in order to stop the rapid spread of Covid-19 in New York State.  Our production manager is currently isolating at the GenderCat facility and they are doing all they can without employees to keep things moving along by themselves.  This means that things are moving but they are moving slowly. :)  Please be patient with us as we are dealing with a great deal of paperwork and logistics regarding our workforce/crew, our customers, and keeping ourselves/community safe and healthy. Production, shipping, and emails will all be delayed at times.  Please feel free to place orders during this time.  Placing your order during this time will ensure the shortest possible waiting time and help us to be able to re-enter our production/shipping routine much quicker once we are given the green light.  Orders for premade items such as self adhesive, stand alone fascination sleeves and GenderExtenders will ship relatively quickly :)  I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all the health care workers, first responders, government officials, pharmacies, grocery store employees, and all other essential workers who are out there doing their job for all of us.  Please take care and stay safe. <3



The State of NY is asking that all businesses which are not groceries and pharmacies to close it's doors to allow our employees and community at large to isolate to slow the spread of Covid-19. GenderCat is in good shape for the future and we will resume normal operations as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, this will impact our ability to fulfill orders within our usual production times and delay shipments.  GenderCat will continue to pay our employees and bring them back on line as soon as it is safe to do so.  We are continuing to strategize ways to continue production while still adhering to future isolation policies to protect our communities.  We are also looking into launching our own "stimulus package" (pun intended) 

Please do contact us via email at with any questions or concerns.  Please understand that we are handling a large number of inquiries at this time and responses may be delayed.  General information about our production times and status will be updated here on this page so please check back often :)  Please take care of you and your loved ones during this time. <3


Joseph Mudge and the GenderCat team.