Frequently Asked Questions... And their Answers    >^.^<

What if I miss a payment on my payment plan?

We love that we can send out our product without making people wait to finish paying for it. :)  If you are ever experiencing financial difficulties, we ask that you contact us a yourbetterproduct@gmail.com BEFORE A PAYMENT IS MISSED so that we can pause your plan or adjust the payment schedule or amount.  If you miss a payment without contacting us first, it will delay your order.  We will be looking for 3 more payments before putting your order on the line.  We hope that everyone has a wonderful experience and feel that this is the best solution in order to best serve our community with this great payment plan offer.

How do I select my color?

When you are placing your order, just put “send color samples” into the color option and we will send over 150 color samples to you for free.  You can take them off the sheet one at a time and place them where you would like your prosthesis to be attached to find a matching skin tone.  You may also select the colors of the various other colors for your prosthesis. For Breasts you can choose the color of your nipples and for penises you can select the color of the shaft, the scrotum and the head/glans.  Once you make your selection you can email us and we will update your order and put it into the production queue

How long does it take to get a product from GenderCat?

Our goal is to keep our production times down to 4-6 weeks but we have been experiencing times of quick growth which means our production queue gets longer.  Sometimes as long as 10 weeks. We respond to these increases by hiring and training people within our community to work in production. 😊

Which prosthetic should I buy?

While we try to help inform people of the features and considerations for the different sizes, textures and features of our prostheses, it is ultimately up to you! 😊 Everyone is different and we encourage people to consider which models would be the most beneficial, whether you are trying to decrease dysphoria with a product you wear everyday or if you need a prosthesis that helps only in certain situations.

Do you sell STPs?

We do not sell STPs though none of our penis prostheses interfere with using bathroom facilities.  Most of the feedback we get from our community is that STPs that are currently on the market from other companies have major problems, such as leaking, being uncomfortable, and appearing erect when using them.  We won’t be creating an STP unless we have resolved these issues. 😊

What is the life expectancy of your prostheses?

With proper care we expect our prostheses to last at least a year of full-time wear.

Why won’t you paint your prostheses?

We chose to integrate the color of our prostheses for safety, but it also provides durability. Paint on painted prostheses will wear off over time and prostheses that are painted use materials that are not body safe. We feel that something that is in contact with your body everyday and may come into contact with vulnerable parts of your partners body should be 100% body safe.  That goes for our adhesives too! GenderCat will never send out something that is not 100% body safe 😊

What is your return policy?

Because of the customized and personal nature of our products, we can only accept returns for refunds for a manufacture’s defect. So, we encourage our customers to research our products and carefully consider the benefits that our prostheses can offer them.  We have many videos on our YouTube channel that demonstrate our products or instruct our customers on care and use 😊  However, if you are not happy with your prosthetic we encourage you to contact us by emailing yourbetterproduct@gmail.com  We can often find a solution that works for everyone 😊

Is the self-adhesive enough to hold the prosthetic in place?

The best application of self-adhesive is our prosthetic breasts in a supportive bra or our supersoft packers in briefs or boxer briefs.  It eliminates the need for packing underwear or harnesses for packers and holds them securely in place.  The semi hard and hard models also benefit from self-adhesive, but they do create more leverage that puts more stress on the self-adhesive creating a pulling-away force. It still works well in supportive underwear but for sex we recommend a harness assist or the “underwear method” of putting the waistband across the balls and under the shaft or threading it through briefs. Some cats report that this isn’t necessary, but everyone is different. Please consider your level of dysphoria in the case of detachment.

Can I swim with your prostheses?

Yes!!! Pool water, pond water, and ocean water will not harm your prosthesis.  Though, you may want to test pool water and hot tub water for cure inhibition. (see “what is cure inhibition and how do I avoid it”) Self adhesive becomes not sticky when it is wet. If water gets behind the attachment area and into contact with the self-adhesive area it will come loose.  We recommend wearing a supportive undergarment unless the swimwear you have chosen to wear is already supportive of your prosthesis and holding it into contact with your body. If your self-adhesive does get wet, it will become sticky again once it is dry 😊

What is cure inhibition and how do I avoid it?

Cure inhibition is an irreversible condition that happens to body-safe silicone when it comes into contact with incompatible substances. It makes it so that our two-part adhesive, which is used to adhere your prosthesis to your body and to apply self-adhesive sheets to your prosthesis, won’t cure/dry. If your prosthesis gets cure inhibition you will not be able to replace your self-adhesive sheets or use the two part adhesive to adhere your prosthesis to your body.  If you think your prosthesis is showing signs of cure inhibition, please contact us on our website chat, yourbetterproduct@gmail.com or call us at 607-873-2802 Tues - Fri 9am-5pm EST.  To avoid cure inhibition, you should test all products such as skin care products, soaps, lubricants, condoms, and other sexual aids that might come into contact with your prosthesis.  The procedure for testing is easy, only takes 10 minutes and will ensure that your prosthesis lasts a long time 😊 Please watch the video below to learn how to test products for cure inhibition.