Payment Plans

How do Payment Plans Work:

To set up a payment plan, when you place your order select the new payment plan option at check out, then there will be a 30% down payment :) From there you will be able to set up how much the payments are for, how often you would like them to run, and when you would like them to begin :) Payments run on an automated schedule that you set up when creating your payment plan, to pay off the other 70% :) We do not require orders on payment plans to be paid in full for an order to go into production or ship, we only ask that they be in good standing :) Orders on payment plans ship on the same timeline as orders paid in full :) 

What if I miss a payment on my payment plan?

If you are ever experiencing financial difficulties, we ask that you contact us a BEFORE A PAYMENT IS MISSED so that we can pause your plan or adjust the payment schedule or amount.  If you miss a payment without contacting us first, it will remove your order from the production queue until your payment plan is in good standing. After multiple failed payments we will be looking for 3 successful payments before putting your order on the line.  We hope that everyone has a wonderful experience and feel that this is the best solution in order to best serve our community with this great payment plan offer.