Dual texture Hard GenderMender Prosthesis - OVER 200 FREE SKIN TONE SAMPLES

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Our new dual-texture hard prosthesis features a soft skin over a harder core.  The head and underside of the shaft are realistically softer.  Choose from Amazeballs or our original balls. Available with or without a fascination sleeve.  This product is made available on a limited stock.


 Please Watch this video demonstrating Self Adhesive Sheets :)  They are easy to use convenient and comfortable for packing you can purchase them here. For play we recommend a harness assist (or underwear method) although some cats report that they don't need it :)


Dual Texture Hard Prostheses are Available in

4 inch,

4 inch uncircumcised (fixed foreskin)

6 inch

8 inch. 



Skin Tone Matching

When you purchase GenderMender Packers and Prostheses, You may request over 100 skin-tone samples be sent to you free of charge.  You can use these samples to find your skin-tone match for the attachment tab.  Feel free to select the color of the shaft, scrotum and head as well.  Or you may describe how you'd like us to color those or even include a photo of a penis with coloring you find pleasing. :)  Once you decide your colors, simply email us at YourBetterProduct@gmail.com so we can get your item into production ASAP.

ATTENTION!! Some skincare products and other substances can cause cure inhibition when they come into contact with your prosthetic.  This condition is irreversible and will no longer be able to use Self Adhesive Sheets or GenderMender 2 part adhesive  Please watch this video about how to test products you use at home for cure inhibition  

Select a payment plan to pay over time.  We'll ship your order as soon as it's finished!


Prosthesis With Original Balls 

Our original balls are soft, squishy and totally comfortable :) They do not interfere with a natural packing profile  For floating testicles try out our Amazeballs

Prosthesis With AMAZEBALLS

(This one's quite a bit louder than the others you may want to turn down the volume)


AMAZEBALLS by GenderMender are the most comfortable and realistic feeling floating testicles on the market. AMAZEBALLS feature a soft sack that flows and slides for amazing texture.  Inside you will find two appropriately sized, textured and shaped testicles.  Order your AMAZEBALLS today and be amazed!

Prosthetics With a Fascination Sleeve 

The Fascination sleeve provides suction to draw your sensitive parts into the base of the prosthetic.  It is textured for your pleasure and translates activity with your prosthetic to sensation for the wearer.  You can also purchase a stand-alone Fascination Sleeve product here.
While GenderMender prostheses do not require powdering, FinishingTouch GenderMender Powder keeps the surface of your prosthetic feeling smooth and silky. It's great for "dry cleaning" your prosthetic or for reducing surface friction. It is talc free. You can purchase it here.

Our products are made of high quality, Body-Safe 100% silicone materials. AMAZEBALLS are made of 100% body safe materials as well.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. We are happy to help you make a selection you are satisfied with. 

-realistic feel
-integrated color (NO PAINT PEELING OR WEAR)
-3D ball sack with floating balls
-natural weight
-adhesible and self adhesive
-over 100 natural skin tones
-100% silicone
-latex free
-no odor
-100% made in the USA
- discreet packaging

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