Self-Adhesive GenderMender Packers - Over 100 Skin-tones - Payment Plan Available



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When you purchase GenderMender Packers, You may request over 100 skin-tone samples be sent to you free of charge. Once we receive your selection we will take one  to three full business days to process your order. So that we can keep offering skin tone samples at no charge, we ask that you return the unused portion of your skin-tone samples in the self addressed stamped envelope provided.
  • Select a payment plan to pay over time.  We'll ship your order right away!
Also FinishingTouch GenderMender Powder keeps the surface of your prosthetic feeling smooth and silky. It's great for "dry cleaning" your prosthetic or for returning your prosthetic's surface to it's realistic skin feel after washing.
Your GenderMender packer attaches without the need for adhesives.  The self adhesive surface is renewable by washing it.
  • GenderMender Packers are realistically detailed while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Our goal is for you have an awesome experience.
Our packers come in:

SUPER SOFT - (flaccid) for a realistic hang and bulge profile.
SEMI-HARD - for a more firm feel and softer play. (harness assist may be necessary)
HARD - for full-on play (harness assist necessary)

Our high quality safe materials mean that it does not leak oily residue or have an odor like other packers.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. We are happy to help you make a selection you are satisfied with.

-realistic feel
-integrated color
-3D ball sack
-natural weight
-natural skin tones
-100% silicone
-latex free
- will not stain garments
-no odor
-100% made in the USA
- discreet packaging

Due to the customized and personal nature of my products I can only accept returns for items with a manufacturer’s defect.

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