Atypical Animals (Children's Book)

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Growing up is hard, especially when you know you are different. This book is about being an Atypical Animal. This is the author’s original term for humans vary from the majority. Many people call this the Autism Spectrum. This book will also be relatable to kids who struggle with anxiety, gender dysphoria, ADD, shyness and sensitivity, and being different from their peers. 

The author, Elliott DeLine, has a unique perspective. He is a transgender man, which means he grew up as a girl. However, he never felt like a girl. He related more to little boys, but he especially related to animals. In his colorful animal illustrations, he captures how it feels to be an outsider. He hopes this book will give both young and old people hope. He believes Atypical Animals do not have to be isolated forever and hopes this book will help them to be more understood.